A Good/Bad CrossFit Day

May 13, 2009

Today was a good CrossFit day. I could feel it the minute I woke up, which was good because today’s workout was Grace, something I hadn’t done in a long time.

Now Grace is always challenging – no question, but today I was equal to the task. I felt heroic and epic and grabbed that bar like I meant business. Weight on the heels, good back position, push off the ground, good shrug, stomp under it, stand up, breathe, dip and drive to full extension. I took small breaks (three breaths) at 10, 9, 6, 3, and 2 reps and finished in 3:57, which is a PR for me. My gym doesn’t have bumper plates so I couldn’t just drop the weights at the top, which I think makes 3:57 a little better.

And then it was a bad CrossFit day.

After a rest, I thought I’d do some snatching. I started slow and worked up to a one rep max. The last rep of the day, the one I almost didn’t do because I was tired and the gym was beginning to fill up, that rep I wish I could take back. The pull off the ground felt good, I was in the groove through the middle, I dropped under and caught it in a good squat and thought “Right on!” until I heard this crackling, Rice Crispy sound in my right shoulder. Now I know it was just a second, but that sound, (I can still hear it) went on and on. Like someone taking a newspaper and crumpling it up page by page. Then I felt a blinding pain as my shoulder joint disintegrated and the barbell bounced off my head.

I tried to stand up but unless I bent over and held my arm out to the side the pain sent me to my knees. Things felt weird in my shoulder – things were vibrating and tingling and bouncing back and forth that shouldn’t bounce back and forth. I couldn’t move without bringing up Pukie level pain. After a few minutes bent over in a stupid scarecrow position with a giant goose egg growing on my forehead, I heard a faint pop and my arm felt better.

And then the throwing salt in the wound part: you know when you hurt something you move it around, kind of test it out? That’s what I did. Same crunchy sound, same blinding pain, same scarecrow position until it popped and stopped hurting. I went to see my physical trainer buddy – he said I probably tore my rotator cuff, which resulted in a subluxation (that’s Latin for mini dislocation or piss-yourself-painful).

I’m going to see the doctor tomorrow, but it doesn’t look good. At best I’m out for a few months. At worst surgery and who knows. Either way, I’ve probably snatched my last snatch.

But you know what the worst part was? The most painful part? Walking around with an ice pack on my shoulder, in obvious pain and seeing people smile and say things like, “I told you not to work out so hard.” and “Well, what did you expect?” and “Maybe this stuff is too much for you.”

To them I say, Fuck You (sorry for cussing mom, but it’s warranted and my arm really hurts). I think they can’t stand it that my gut doesn’t hang over my belt, that I can walk up three flights of stairs and still have air to talk, that I can move about anything I can get a hand-hold on. I think they want me to quit working out so they don’t have to be reminded of how out of shape they are. I think they’d be happier if we all just rubbed our big fat bellies together and shimmied down on the couch to watch American Idol and eat hydrogenated snack chips and drink soda pop till we reach an insulin induced nirvana.

Well they are going to have to find some other company to be miserable with. Our way is the right way and their way is the wrong way. I may have hurt my shoulder, but I’ll come back better and stronger and fitter than before. Shoulders can heal – diabetes and heart disease don’t heal.

Wish me luck and speedy recovery and next time you’re in the gym, do a set for me.


2 Responses to “A Good/Bad CrossFit Day”

  1. drhewitt said

    Hey Rob, love your blog buddy. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I’m an avid x-fitter and a chiropractor near Boston. I’ve helped many people heal up from shoulder injuries surgery free and as someone who’s had a previous shoulder surgery I would recommend getting a couple qualified opinions from different providers. Shoulder injuries are buggers since they are such complicated joints. Best of luck with your recovery and hopefully you’ll be back pounding out burpees in no time.

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