When Bad Things Happen to Good CrossFitters

May 27, 2009


It’s been two weeks since I hurt myself and I think I’ve worked through most of the grief stages. I’ve done the denial stage and the anger stage. I spent a lot of time on the crybaby stage, the whiny stage and the impatient patient stage. I think I’m ready to look at why this happened, what, if anything I can learn from it and how this recovery process might make me a better X-Fitter.

I’ve developed a few scenarios:

Scenario #1

I am a klutz and my snatch form sucks.

Scenario #2

The world can be a tough place and sometimes random things happen for no good reason.

Scenario #3

I am too old for this stuff and need to act my age.

Scenario #4

I’ve been making more than my share of progress and something needed to slow me down.

Scenario #5

I needed new material for my blog.

Scenario #6

I was chronically under recovered and low on sleep and something was bound to happen to make me get some rest.

After much introspection and examination of the facts, I’m gonna go with Scenario #6, though all the other scenarios may hold some truth (except the sucky snatch form and the act your age parts).

What can I learn from this?

Lesson #1

Even though CrossFitting can make you feel superhuman, you still need rest – get it.

Lesson #2

There comes a point when it would be better to skip a workout and make sure you’re fully recovered than to grind out wod after wod when your tank is empty.

Lesson #3

Work with your body, not against it.

Lesson #4

Remember the law of diminishing returns – you’ll make faster progress if you pay attention to rest time.

I wish I had thought about all this a month ago. But I know all this stuff, so do you, we all do. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the workouts. Posting good times, doing the wods as prescribed, working on weak points, learning the Oly lifts – it can all take over and become too important. I know it did for me. I ignored aches and pains. I didn’t get the rest or recovery I needed. I wasn’t listening to my body. My workouts had become a fight against myself. We all know better than that. When you fight your body you will always, always lose. Eventually you will be forced to rest.

And if you don’t know how much fun that is, join me at the gym, with your arm in a sling, sitting on the sideline coaching your buddies through a workout.


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