Girl Pushups are Hard.

July 21, 2009

Or perhaps I should be PC – push-ups from your knees are hard.

I am now 2.5 months since my shoulder injury. The recovery is going well. I have about 90% range of motion, very little pain and my bitching has gone down dramatically. My recovery process has consisted of range of motion exercises, ice 3x daily, and acupuncture treatments. I have been working out all along – running, sit-ups, back ext, air squats and whatever I can do one armed.

Three weeks ago I started working the shoulder with a little weight, a soup can actually. That 3 oz can was heavier than it looked, and I couldn’t get it locked out overhead.

But progress comes quickly when you give your body enough time to heal (something new to me). Today I did a running workout and then 2 rounds of 10 clean & jerk (45#), 10 knee push-ups, 10 kb swings (25#), 10 dead-lift (65#), 10 pull-downs (75#).


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