The 12 Year Relationship

July 29, 2009

So, I lost my job yesterday. Not really a surprise – we’ve had lots of layoffs at the office and the economy is, well, you know. But still it’s hard to take. Kind of like losing your girlfriend, except in my case my girlfriend was fat and not really attractive and I didn’t much like her anymore. But I’ve been going out with that girlfriend for 12 years, and that girlfriend has been sending me checks twice a month for 12 years, and something you do for 12 years gets to be a part of your life and becomes hard to do without – a habit if you will.

Like most habits, this one should be good to break (or have broken for me), even if it means I can’t Paleo-Zone on steak and lobster for a while. I’ll be honest, I’m scared and nervous and sad and angry and frustrated, but I’m also a little excited. I think when you break a habit, you make a bit of space, and if you work it right, something better can fill that space. In between the temper tantrums and the pouting, I feel a little bit of joy and wonder at what might fill that space. It may be a better job, may be worse. May pay more, may pay less. It will definitely be different, and make me do and think about things differently.

But at least I won’t have to sit on that 12 year old couch eating Cheetos with that girlfriend anymore.


One Response to “The 12 Year Relationship”

  1. steve pop said

    nicely written.
    she was a bitch.

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